Wallflux Atom feeds

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[Valid Atom 1.0]Export the latest posts from Facebook groups and pages with Wallflux Atom, a HTML Atom feed.

To access a Wallflux Atom feed, enter a group or page ID, and press Go:

A Facebook ID only consist of numbers, for example: 115227675156013. If you do not know a Facebook ID, Wallflux can help you find it with the Facebook ID helper-page.

To link directly to the the Wallflux Atom-feed, use the following URL:
…where the number represents the Facebook ID. To store language-preference, add for example ?hl=fr_FR for French to the URL.

Registering a Wallflux Atom removes the demonstration notice, bypasses the cache and returns up to ten recent posts (instead of five items for unregistered feeds).

As a courtesy, registered Wallfluxes also get priviliged access to Wallflux iframe. So register your Wallflux Atom today!

Styling your Wallflux Atom

Depending on how you import a Wallflux Atom feed, you can style the content according by applying CSS-styling. You can start by using an example CSS style sheet - or live fiddle with CSS below:

Don't hesitate to share your styled Wallflux Atom with @Wallflux!


Be aware that the images displayed in a Wallflux Atom are still being served by Facebook's CDN. In principle, Facebook could use the retrieval of those images to track your RSS-reader or users of a website where a Wallflux is included. Due to technical limitations, it is not very likely that Facebook retrieves your users' Facebook ID, making Wallflux Atom still less intrusive than Facebooks' own Social Plugins.

If you are looking for a text-only RSS feed for your Facebook groups, pages or events, stripped from all content from FB's servers, try the regular Wallflux feed here.

Unregistered Wallfluxes are cached, so if you're not the first one making a language choice in a short time, it might be you served a localised, cached Wallflux Atom.

If you are being redirected to a plain-text Wallflux feed, without images, chances are that you are not using the ID of a Facebook group or page but for example of a event or a user.