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16 (2 days ago)
Teri Choate Davis:

Happy Cousins Day!!!! 1 (2 days ago)

24 (4 days ago)
Good morning Ewing's have a blessed Sunday

Wanda Queen:

A simpler time ❤ (4 days ago)

Eric Ewing:

Same to you chief (4 days ago)

Modell Ewing:

Good morning (4 days ago)

Teri Choate Davis:

Thank you!!! God bless!! (4 days ago)

5 (1 week ago)

Bobbi DeSart:

I see only 'attachment unavailable'. Perhaps your settings are for 'friends only'. If so, group members who are not on your friends list will not be able to see them. (1 week ago)

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13 (1 week ago)
On Jan. 18, 1896 Amos A. Ewing purchased a lot of land in Shawnee, Oklahoma for $600. He then sold it Aug. 29, 1896 for $700.

4 (1 week ago)

18 (1 week ago)
Found this from "The Earl of Stirling's Register of Royal Letters relative to the affairs of Scotland and Nova Scotia from 1615 to 1635" (p665) after chasing up a reference in Elbert Ewing's book on Ewing history. It seems that one James Ewing was appointed as Rothesay Herald in 1633.
"Our Soveraigne Lord vnderstanding the long practeis and experience of his Majesty’s lovit James Ewing in matters of Herauldrie, and of his sufficiencie and hablliteis otherwyse to discharge a place of that nature : Therfor, and for the better advancement of his Majesty’s service in that kynd for the honour of his Majesty’s antient kingdome of Scotland, the nobilitie and gentrie therof, his Majesty, with advyse and consent of his Majesty’s right, &c. the Erle of Morton, his Majesty’s Principall Theasuror of the said kingdome, and of his Majesty’s trustie, &c. Johne, Lord Stewart of Traquair, his Majesty’s depute Theasurer therof, and remanent Commissioners of the Exchequer ther, Ordeanes ane Letter to be made and exped vnder his Majesty’s privie seall in dew forme, making, constituteing, and ordeaneing, Lykas his Majesty be the tenour heirof maks, constituts, and ordeanes, the said James Ewing, dureing all the dayes of his lyftyme, herauld at armes in the said kingdome, to be named and called at all tymes heirefter in the dischargeing of that office by the name and style of Rothsay Herauld, with power and authoritie to him dureing his said lyftyme to vse, bruik, posses, and discharge the said office of Rothsay herauld, and to enjoy all and whatsumever proffeit, priviledge, preheminences, immunities, casualiteis, and emoluments apperteneing and belonging to the said office, by whatsumever maner of way, in as frie, ample, and beneficiall maner as any other Rothesay herauld doeth bruik at this present time, or hath bruiked and enjoyed at any tyme preceiding : Giveing, granting, and disponeing, lykas his Majesty, with consent forsaid, gives, grants, and dispones vnto the said James Ewing the ordinarie yeirlie fie of fourtie-tua pundis vsuall money of that kingdome for dischargeing the said Office of Rothesay Herauld, to be vplifted and receaved by him, his assigneyis, [fa]ctours, servandis, and others haveing his power, out of his Majesty’s rents and casualiteis of that kingdome ; with command and directioun to his Majesty’s said Thesaurer, deputie thesaurer for the tyme, and be all officers whatsoever haveing charge heirefter of his Majesty’s rents and casualiteis, readelie to answer and pay to the said James Ewing or his forsaids the paid yeirlie fie of ffourtie-tua pundis money forsaid out of his Majesty’s Excheker, rents, or casualiteis forsaid, at the termes and tymes accustomed to be payed to his brethren heraulds who ar now in office, the first terme's payment thairof to be and begin at the terme of Witsondey, and so forth yeirlie at the saidis termes or tymes dureing his said lyftyme ; And with command to the Auditours of Exchequer, now and for the tyme being, yeirlie to defease and allow the said yeirlie fie in the accompts of the said thesaurer and others officers aforsaid, these presents being once entred in the Excheker and registrat as effeires : And that the said Letter be farder extendit in the best and most ample forme with all clausses neidfull.— At Whythall, 26 Aprill 1633."

Deb Ewing:

Awesome and yet horrible, because there are so. many. Jameses. Have we figured them out yet? don't answer. I can't handle it today :D 1 (1 week ago)

Jim Ewing:

See www.lyon-court.com/lordlyon/215.180.html for other titles, including the wonderfully named Unicorn Pursuivant... 3 (1 week ago)

4 (1 week ago)

67 (1 month ago)
Clan ewing rep it

Danny Ewing:

Where can we order this? 1 (1 month ago)

Charlie Ewing:

Maz Ewing 1 (1 month ago)

Lori Wolf:

Omg I LOVE it 1 (1 month ago)

Laura-Lee Gross:

Very cool 1 (1 month ago)

Brad Ewing:

Sidney, very nice piece of work. I had a large patch made that is on the back of a blue jean jacket. I would like to know more about yours, so you can message me or I can give you my email. 1 (1 month ago)

Deandra Ewing:

I want one! 1 (1 week ago)

DK Childs:

I don't like the 'white'--cause it reminds me of the KKK sheet 1 (1 week ago)

7 (1 week ago)
Dana Caruthers Norton:

You're welcome :) (1 week ago)

20 (1 week ago)

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