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Creator: John Charest
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(3 months ago)
Corry Coyea:

I can't answer that. Perhaps Sheila Bender, John Charest, or Marlyn Smith Fevery can answer that. 1 (3 months ago)

Marlyn Smith Fevery:

Krissy N can help you.. I will email her for U 2 (3 months ago)

Sheila Bender:

There has always been some covered wire & cable out there between rhe pieces. Rope has been put out there from shore & to the wreck pcs & it used to be mark with a jug in the summer. I personally have not done anything out there for a few years (3 months ago)

Krissy Graham-Nickle:

I don't think any line was intentionally laid out there (except, as Sheila said, the rope leading out from shore). It's totally acceptable to mark the site with a jug, just let me know so I can submit a NOTSHIP to the Coast Guard. If you're interested, we may still have an SOS buoy to mark the site... although we had bad luck with buoys at that site getting cut loose... (3 months ago)

Jon Jackson:

Interested in your thoughts on marking the boneyard Shane Hesch the. See the various comments below. What would be really cool is a VORR around a portion of the labour day wreck. Then we could safely video document what's left of it. Seems like a danger zone though even with a dive flag. (3 months ago)

6 (3 months ago)

2 (4 months ago)

Steve Carter:

Nice video. That looks like above average vis, at Goderich (4 months ago)