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Creator: Genevieve Gipson
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5 (1 day ago)
Jessica L. Blau:

Better pay, better bene's, lower aide to patient ratio. 6 (1 day ago)

Kym Webb:

We need to encourage the nursing assistants to skool to become nurses or pay the nursing assistants more money 1 (1 day ago)

Lisa Storm:

Facilities need to pay better wages and have better patient/aide ratio. Sad knowing burger flippers and retail register bangers are getting near same salary. DSP Aids in DD/MD residential facilities have behavior issues to contend with as well and their salary is horrible as well. Facilities wonder why turn over rate is so high. Over worked under paid. 13-14$ hr on Long Island does not cut it and national average is 9-12$ per hr. 5 (1 day ago)

Beth Grenfell:

Better pay. Support from management. Lower resident aide ratio 3 (1 day ago)

Kimberly M. Corrigan:

Ok say you have all that. Great work Environment. Absolute encouragement to become nurses. Good pay. Still not enough people want to do the job. How do you make it an appealing entry level position to the healthcare industry? How do you get someone whose never been exposed to healthcare to say I Want to do that? (1 day ago)

Thea Akram:

Better wages , staff appreciation, 2 (1 day ago)

Jessica L. Blau:

I went back to school at 40 yo for my CNA after years of working a desk job. I can't afford nursing school at this point...but I cannsay it sucks when you tell someone you are a CNA and they immediately say 'oh are you going to be a nurse?' Or 'ewwww' or they just tilt their head at you like they feel sorry for you.

The position itself needs to be seen as an important an integral part of healthcare. CNA's get a lot of crap. 6 (1 day ago)

Judy Gibbs Strack:

How do we get people to become aides who think of it as more than a pay check? (1 day ago)

Kateri Kenyon:

The pay scale has to change , and although most nursing personnel do this for the joy of helping others there's still bills to pay and they're families to take care of. I also feel that a higher pay scale allows companies to be much more likely to be more particular with whom they higher and their hiring process. 4 (1 day ago)

Andrea Johns Shanks:

Once you have better pay, benefits, and ratios, it should be easy to promote nurse assisting as a legitimate career path that people will want to join, regardless of their interest in becoming a nurse. It IS a noble cause, but we have to pay our bills and feed our kids. I Love nurse assisting, but there's no way I'd start it as a new path today, it's just not worth it the way the field is currently set up. 5 (1 day ago)

Bethany Vader:

Pay them what they are worth and treat them as though they are worth every bit of kindness that they give to others. Supply them with equipment and consider them as family. DO NOT LOOK DOWN ON THEM!!!! We are an educated group of people!!!! 3 (21 hours ago)

Bethany Vader:

And I very much agree with Andrea Johns Shanks!!! Well spoken. 1 (21 hours ago)

Darlene Moore:

It will come down to pay. This generations is a bunch of spoiled teens that expect too much. Life has been so simplified for them. They are not going to want to do this type of work for this pay. Been an aide for 34 years. Oh the lack of work ethics from these kids. Really feel the nurse aide job will become a thing of the padt and the lpns will become aides. 1 (15 hours ago)

Jodie Keeney Burchett:

I'm a CMA and GNA( in my state in order to work LTC you are Geriatric certfied). Last year, my local community college, the only place allowed by the state to take classes cancelled 2 classes for CNA/GNA. They didn't have enough enrollment, however, to take the courses, you have to take math and English placement tests. You must test into Math 99 and English 99 to get into the class. If you don't you must pay more to take the remedial classes. So students have to pay over $1000 to take the remedial classes and the CNA class (8 hours ago)

(21 hours ago)
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