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Creator: Genevieve Gipson
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3 (1 day ago)

Sonia Maria Brown:

WTF!!!! (1 day ago)

Tina Webb:

True this!!! (23 hours ago)

Paula Endicott Cave:

So true!!! (2 hours ago)

(3 hours ago)
beep-beep here you come

2 (3 days ago)

Genevieve Gipson:

Welcome aboard. (2 days ago)

Sonia Maria Brown:

LOL! (1 day ago)

Sonia Maria Brown:

I laugh but I think it's against the rules to hit on the patients or their family members. Please don't ask me the name of the book or the page number because I don't remember....pretty sure it's under sexual harassment, cute skit though: ) (1 day ago)