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1 (1 week ago)
Have you got your 2017 Centeen Park Diver token?
It is never too late to get the bathroom code.

A message from the city operations manager

Divers will have to use the code to access the Centeen Park washroom on weekdays after 3 pm and on weekends, starting this weekend. We intend to close the washroom for the winter on Friday December 1. The washroom is not heated or insulated, so this date is dependent on outdoor temperatures to avoid the risk of water freezing in the pipes.

I would appreciate your assistance in communicating this information to the dive community.

2 (2 months ago)
Just want to share wit my diving brethren that I have had a battery pack rebuilt at Batterie Expert Outaouais on St-Rene and Montee Paiement for my 35w cave lamp. It originally had a Startek pack that now costs $450.00US to replace. Batterie Expert built me an identical replacement for $280.00CAN.
Thought I would share as this is a great solution to replace dead battery packs without having to buy them in the US.

Chris Laf:

Oh and I forgot to add that it is guaranteed for one year. They also recommended to let the pack discharge completely periodically as Nimh have memory... (2 months ago)