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Creator: Butch Ammons
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3 (19 hours ago)

Bayou Teche Brewing Bike Bash &/OR Giant Omelette Celebration Ride 2017

Two great riding venues, choose one or both and get the most out of the weekend. Each there are a variety of distances starting from 10 miles and upto 100 miles. Ride as a family or get some base training in place and crank out 200 miles or 200km in one weekend. On Saturday the Bayou Teche Brewing B...

Chris Floyd:

I may do the Saturday ride. (51 minutes ago)

6 (1 day ago)
Alright guys purchased my first road bike, tell about must needed gear. Ready to get going on this guy. Best places to ride etc.

Daryl Penny:

Helmet. 1 (1 day ago)

Bob Mascarella:

Road pedals and shoes 1 (23 hours ago)

Mike Harris:

Lights!! Water cage -bottle-post pannier for extra tube - tool set- co2 and valve.

*** Attend a road safety class****This could Save your joke!!!
These classes also teach basic bike mechanics - group riding-in addition to rules of the road
BRBC periodically has these.

Bruce Wickert has a nice group ride on Sundays " tour du cafe" where you have a great teacher. 2 (23 hours ago)

Bernie Schweitzer:

Lights red led rear blinking light
Blinking front light

Cars will get very close to you
Stay off Perkins

Agree with others above
Start with group slow group rides

Train up to faster groups

You break down with others you won't be left alone

If you ride alone, well you are alone 1 (9 hours ago)

Lisa DiAmbrosio:

Get gator skin tires, best investment. Keep your chain clean...degreaser, that thing a ma gadget that cleans it, and dry oil. I ride on River road by lsuberge away from downtown baton rouge. Also...manchac alligator bayou is beautiful. 1 (7 hours ago)

Joe Park:

River road. Call me when you are ready bro. 1 (7 hours ago)

Richey Roche:

Ain't gonna lie Joe Park you gave me the fever!! 1 (7 hours ago)

Mike Harris:

Echoing Lisa's comment- the Bayou Paul loop including to the manchac closure is 14.8 miles . For fun a jog off Bayou Paul at Etta and Arthur dr There is a deranged dog which will give chase for a good sprint.Weekends there are more bikes than cars on the road there.
Do stay off Perkins and Highland.There are 2 ghost bikes around the Pollard entrance and another was killed at the entrance of WoodStone on Highland years back. (7 hours ago)

(1 day ago)