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Greater Kamloops Motorcycle Association (GKMA)

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Creator: Andrew Hill
Members: 1284
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10 (3 days ago)

Kristoper Shu:

I'll be there! (1 day ago)

1 (2 days ago)
Hue Jeffner:

Inks is prolly to heavily partied at night, it would just get vandalized. 1 (2 days ago)

JJ Jorgen Hanchuk:

Me if you gotta piss go in the bush and if you gotta shit go dig a whole far from where anyone steps 1 (2 days ago)

Keith Parry:

Ya good thinking JJ. (2 days ago)

Keith Parry:

Gettin tired of shittin in the bush all the time, thought maybe a basic outhouse out of sight of the main area might be ok 1 (2 days ago)

1 (2 days ago)
Pete Prochotsky:

Hi Andy, the maps get emailed out with instructions. It usually takes a couple days. This weekend our membership director is camping out of cell service. 1 (2 days ago)

Andy Dana:

perfect thanks!! (2 days ago)