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The Road to Santiago

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The European long-distance paths, a network of... - Maps on the Web

The European long-distance paths, a network of long-distance footpaths that traverse Europe.

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Are you travelling or simply collecting places?

Pico Iyer on travel in the time of Instagram

7 (2 weeks ago)
Queremos describir desde nuestro punto de vista los monumentos que hemos

Mary Cosgrove Spence:

That is so cool! My heart is aching! (2 weeks ago)

Racheal Gomez:

That was awesome!! This is very interesting! Love your Spanish girl!! <3 (2 weeks ago)

Deborah Nestola:

Miss your face (2 weeks ago)

Margie McGraw:

That was great! Makes me want to go again. You really know your espa├▒ol! (2 weeks ago)