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8 (20 hours ago)
A 1920s pickup that is located off Brockville, Ontario. This site is really only accessible by scooter as it is well away from the Gaskin which is shown at t...

Kevin Tataryn:

Doesn't seem to add up to me, why would the roof be cut off? (19 hours ago)

Brian Senecal:

Doesn't sound too improbable, many of them had a fabric top at the back. What confuses me is its proximity to a large number of milk cans... They are very in line with each other and not too far apart. 1 (18 hours ago)

Stephen Hatch:

Prohibition ended in the USA December 5, 1933. If it really happened in 1941 then the original story is suspect. =( (14 hours ago)

30 (1 week ago)

Stephen Hatch:

Still a bit cold for me =) (1 week ago)

Vincent Dokis:

Careful... Watch out for those St. Lawrence River "Ice Burgs!" (1 week ago)

Nathalie Comtois:

How's the water temperature??? (1 week ago)

Bill Toole:

Figures, I away for the next two weekends. (1 week ago)

Barry Achorn:

Wow, what a difference a day makes. The cove was covered in ice when I went by on Saturday. (1 week ago)

Dave Chamberlin:

Gonna be about two more weeks for me. Looks tempting though. 1 (1 week ago)

3 (1 week ago)