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8 (39 minutes ago)

Untouched midcentury masterpiece on the market for the first time ever asks $950K

Considered Bruce McCarty’s personal midcentury masterpiece, the time capsule boasts not only a unique T-shaped floorplan, but also clever engineering.

1 (2 hours ago)
Lauren Lackey:

Pay someone with experience. 1 (2 hours ago)

Dean Wilhite:

I'm looking for that person. (2 hours ago)

Margaretta Mosshart Baez:

All in one piece is amazing! Check out her fb page. (2 hours ago)

Sam Larsen:

J. Manzo Custom Refinishin, inc.
Mail us: PO BOX 14765 Oklahoma city, OK 73113
Located at: 9215 N. Western Oklahoma City, Ok 73114
Office: (405)848-3843 Fax: (405)848-2621 (2 hours ago)

Sam Larsen:

We used his shop many times over the use (2 hours ago)

Jane Nelson:

Al Fischer is great (405) 408-9205 (41 minutes ago)

4 (42 minutes ago)

Sensational Breeze Block Spaces | Rita Hello

These gloriously decorative concrete blocks have adorned exteriors of homes in the 50’s and 60’s and they’ve returned in such a sweet and unobtrusive way.