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12 (3 weeks ago)

Click here to support Steam Car , New boiler fund organized by Kimric Smythe

The Kristie's Flyer steam car was made about 10 years ago out of repurposed and recycled materials as part of The Neverwas Haul project. It's powered by a boiler made out of a used steam cleaner. Last year after our Christmas parade and event season, it stared showing signs of wear and became un...

Kimric Smythe:

You really don't want to piss off St Nick. 2 (3 weeks ago)

Chris Moore:

I'll donate after I get paid on Monday! 2 (3 weeks ago)

Andrea Von Drakenstein:

Al what is the deadline? Maybe a few of us artists can do a raffle. Raffle off some of our art and all raffle donations can go ol' steam engine πŸ™‚ just a thought πŸ€” 2 (3 weeks ago)

Kimric Smythe:

I will offer one of my hand made bells for a raffle.If you want to do this. 3 (3 weeks ago)

Andrea Von Drakenstein:

I will be loading the raffle up today! we have a handful of artists donating if anyone else would like to donate an art piece please message me. All raffle donations will be going to the steam car. 3 (2 weeks ago)

Lynda Martinez:

Please post where we can find the raffle to get tickets! 2 (2 weeks ago)

Kimric Smythe:

I would like to say thank you for peoples efforts so far. 4 (2 weeks ago)

Lynda Martinez:

Donated! :) 3 (1 week ago)

Andrea Von Drakenstein:

Just donated $150.00 of Raffle ticket sales to the gofundme account!! 😁 3 (1 week ago)

Kimric Smythe:

Installed the boiler today, still need to do some wiring for the new burner and some welding still needs to be done. 3 (1 day ago)

Michael Packer:

Krampus of Indianapolis has done donated! (6 hours ago)

66 (3 days ago)
910 people interested

Erika Rothberg:

Adrienne β€œ20017” πŸ˜‚ (3 days ago)

Cindy Marleinne:

Kat Cariaga (2 days ago)

8 (6 days ago)

DEVIL - ish Little Things Museum

A private collection of whimsical mainly European novelty objects depicting devils, satyrs, krampusses, mephistos and other impish horned creatures. Please call or message to schedule your visit. Open only by appointment. { $ 8 donation }

Su Fairchild:

Cool!! I'm leaving 12/2 to go to Europe for 2 Krampuslaufs. I'll contact you when I get back to tour your museum!! 2 (5 days ago)

Marion Held:

the Holiday tree will be up until January 6th. (2 days ago)