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Creator: Al Ridenour
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12 (2 weeks ago)
DESERTFEST BERLIN #6 - 28, 29, 30 APRIL 2017
Info :
Tickets :
Venue : RAW-Area (F-Hain/X-Berg), Berlin (GER)

Bill Keller:

This looks interesting glad I'll be here. Already sold out though will have to scrounge for tix (2 weeks ago)

1 (4 weeks ago)
Eine neue Hexenmaske von Franz Luger

1 (1 month ago)
Al Ridenour:

leafy trees in the background, so wrong season for perchten. there's some "greenman" type stuff that happens around whitsuntide (pentecost) in the summer that could be the source of the photo. (1 month ago)

Kimric Smythe:

Yeah it looked a bit too warm. (1 month ago)