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Creator: Rashid Mhar
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1 (4 days ago)

Apathy is not the Problem - Nurture Development

There is no such thing as an apathetic neighbour, only an inflexible community building effort, in need of a few more whistles, and a willingness to practice the art of hosting.

2 (5 days ago)

Asset-Based Community Development Workshop for London & those working in VCSEs (voluntary, community & social enterprise sector) October 19 & 20

" Nurture Development have mentored Croydon Voluntary Action (CVA) in Asset Based Community Development since early 2011. CVA have gained a wealth of local community building stories to share and are now delighted to partner with Nurture Development to offer a UK wide programme of accredited trainin...

(1 week ago)

Nurturing the Carrying Capacity of Communities - Nurture Development

In structural engineering the concept of “carrying or bearing capacity” of soil refers to “a given mass of soil’s resilience and receptivity to infrastructure...