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Breathing is bad for your health in Manchester: concerned citizens call for action on air pollution

Mayoral candidates are asked to tackle the problem as our national government is ordered by a judge to publish air pollution strategy it tried to delay.

(1 week ago)

The Welfare State and Community | Publications by date | Library | The Centre for Welfare Reform

Cormac Russell is one of the leading champions of citizen and community as the solution for many of our social problems. Here he explores the relationship between the welfare state and community. He argues that neoliberalism is further undermining our commitment to community and that it is only by a...

Karen Martyniuk:

Two key points........
1. The Welfare State is an important extension of our human community’s capacity to care; not a replacement for it. Communities produce care (full-stop) and the systems or service world should simply be the support to that care where required, a resource to carers and not the source of care.

2. These ideals have become confused in the last 150 years by different social service models, to the point where community care has become systematically outsourced, commodified, monetised and accordingly displaced from its rightful place of origin: the commons, and dislocated into institutional space. This has undermined citizenship, democracy and our commonwealth, and created the construct that John McKnight aptly calls the 'Careless Society’. 1 (5 days ago)

1 (5 days ago)

Manchester May Day festival goers march to rescue the NHS

Manchester was the birthplace of the trade union movement and, once again, the city will be holding a high-profile May Day March and Festival.