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1 (1 day ago)

The Do’s and Don’ts of Software Development Outsourcing - Galvanize Phoenix Workshop

The Do's and Don'ts of Software Development Outsourcing About this Workshop: Many companies have traditionally outsourced software development (with mixed results) largely because of the financial…

1 (5 days ago)
Gordon Forsythe:

Already over halfway there (5 days ago)

Gordon Forsythe:

You people are awesome. (5 days ago)

Koltton Fox:

I'll pitch in something (4 days ago)

Mark Gordon:

You have to pay for it? I didn't know that. Let's connect next week I will see if my company with sponsor it (2 days ago)

(4 days ago)

PHP/JS Course Contact Info

For those interested in a beginner's PHP & Modern JS class via azPHP. We won't sell this information, etc etc...

Gordon Forsythe:

We're up to a whopping 6 responses. Pretty sure when I brought this up before at least 15 people were interested. :/ (3 days ago)

Koltton Fox:

I'll try and do it this weekend (3 days ago)