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(3 hours ago)

PHP: rfc:trailing-comma-function-calls

Allowing a trailing comma in function calls will make it more convenient to append arguments in many contexts where it is common to call a function with lots of arguments; especially variadic…

(19 hours ago)

What implements an interface ~ Robert Basic, software engineer, PHP consultant

It's important that the right thing implements the right interface.

2 (1 day ago)

PHP Versions Stats - 2017.2 Edition - Jordi Boggiano

It's stats o'clock! See 2014, 2015, 2016.1, 2016.2 and 2017.1for previous similar posts. A quick note on methodology, because all these stats are imperfect as they just sample some subset of the PHP…

Mike DeVita:

not for me :( (1 day ago)

Jenifer Mundstock:

Yeah, I still have a lot of programming changes to make before we can switch as well. 1 (1 day ago)